Guardian is reintroducing a personal touch to an industry that has grown increasingly impersonal. We offer comprehensive financial advice, tailor-made investment management, and exceptional white-glove service.
Welcome to a world where your financial strategy is not just planned but pampered. Experience the VIP treatment you deserve to help your wealth become a rock star legend, not a one-hit-wonder.
Plan Accordingly
Financial Planning for busy professionals. We simplify the complex and strive to make your financial life a breeze, even with a full schedule.
Invest Wisely
Your money, your rules. We craft investment portfolios that perfectly fit you—we use no pre-built models to help ensure alignment with your best interests.
Retire Comfortably
For those ready to trade in the suit and tie for the tackle box, we tailor a plan to ease you into the laid-back lifestyle you've earned.
Leave a Legacy
Holistic wealth & investment management to help ensure your legacy isn't just remembered—it's celebrated by generations to come.


We’re bringing personalized back! In this age of automated hellos and canned responses, you deserve individualized attention. This means more than a once-a-year conversation or being just another name on a client list—it involves truly understanding and prioritizing your needs and goals, and applying those into your unique investment strategy.
Welcome to Guardian Wealth Management, where we’re making investment management personal again—one tailored plan at a time.



Each advisor exclusively partners with just 30 select families at a time. This method helps ensure clients receive our full attention and enables us to create bespoke portfolios from scratch. No pre-built models, ever.
Elevate your investment experience with your own dedicated team and discover what having a truly unique investment strategy really means.


Knowledge is power. We're cutting through the financial jargon to bring you straightforward financial concepts empowering you to confidently take charge of your wealth—one informed decision at a time.

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"At Guardian Wealth Management, we're your wealth's copilot. We blend the wisdom of experience with the agility of innovation. Our personalized service isn't just about managing assets; it's about charting a flight plan for your life, helping ensure a smooth flight and a soft landing at your financial destination."

Todd Berg, ChFC® | Founder & CEO


We'll review your existing plan or custom-craft a personalized strategy that's all about you.